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Welcome to Smart Investing by Data

In just 10 minutes, we build you an investment portfolio based on active hedge fund technologies. We use artificial intelligence and quantitative models to select the best stocks for you. Put your money to work like the world’s smartest investors.


Your money is invested for the long-term and on basis of quantitative models.


We believe in seizing opportunities. That's why we actively manage your portfolio.


Our credo is full transparency. Always know where your money is invested.


Everything is made by us, so that we are free of any sales targets or sales commissions.

Don’t be average

Only those who do the opposite of the masses can achieve real success. We believe in picking stocks and develop solutions that seek to beat common passive strategies.

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Make better decisions

Technology helps us to make rational and better decisions. We combine huge amounts of data with financial expertise to develop sophisticated investment strategies, which help you to make more out of your money.

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Invest directly into stocks

We invest your money into the world’s most attractive companies. The best thing: We don’t need a fund for that. Profit from the most direct way of investing your wealth.

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Our models are complex, but for you, it's effortless.

Good investors know all their holdings and why they invested in the first place. Now, we understand, that you don’t have time for that. Therefore, our app provides you with all the information you need.

Just one tap away
Track the development of your money from everywhere.

No black box
Always see, which companies are part of your portfolio.

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Learn more about what makes the investment so special.

Exclusive knowledge
Experience exclusive news, interviews and company profiles.

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Enough with words, our results speak for themselves

Since 2015, some early investors have been able to invest with the help of the GRAHAM technology. During this time, we were not only able to put the strategy to a real-world test, but also showed, how active management can generate real added value to our investors.

Please note that historical performance is not an indicator of future performance.

The chart is based on a time series, which accuracy has been confirmed by an independent auditor.

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Smart Investing by Data ®

In today’s world, computer scientists, mathematicians and physicists are regarded as the best investors in the world. By using quantitative models and modern technologies, we try to decode global financial markets to generate value for our customers.
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Serious security

You can never be too careful when it comes to money. That’s why we are committed to protecting your account using the highest standards of security available.
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