We have ways to increase your return

We have ways

to increase

your return

Quantitative Investment Strategies Can Beat Markets

Real-world experience shows us, that an investor can achieve long-term above-average returns with the right tools at hand. Numerous empirical studies have proven, that markets and their participants are acting anything but rational. Our investment strategy GRAHAM tries to take advantage of this phenomena in order to profit disproportionately from market developments.

Enough with average

Our investment strategy is based on an automated, artificial intelligence based and active investment portfolio. By using a targeted selection of stocks, we try to achieve an above-average return.

Are markets not efficient?

A smarter portfolio for better returns

We help you build an intelligent and profit-oriented portfolio. Under calculated risk. What we need is often not more than 10-20 stocks. GRAHAM invests value-oriented, concentrated and for the long-term.

Our ingredients
01 Stocks

Our selection focuses on European, American and other international value stocks.

02 Short-Positions

We implement hedging techniques, such as using short ETFs, to manage drawdowns and portfolio volatility.

03 Cash

Cash is primarily used to increase liquidity and to manage the investment ratio.

Only the best ideas count

Safety does not mean being invested in thousands of positions. Safety means knowing exactly where and why the money is flowing. With our GRAHAM portfolio, you are investing in few, but qualitative positions.

Why do we use a concentrated portfolio?

Why should I buy the second-best stock, when I can have the best?

Warren Buffett

60.000 - that's how many companies we monitor for you

Successful investing requires a lot of time and immense know-how. That’s where we come in. Our systems are designed to automatically monitor a large number of securities and select the best ones.

Our selection process
01 Quantitative analysis

Quantitative models calculate on basis of fundamental, technical and sentiment data an assessment of the yield potential.

02 Qualitative analysis

The last 10% are decided on basis of qualitative parameters, like economic trends or management of the company.

03 Selection

We are looking for 10-20 stocks from different industries and countries. Investments are always made in the direction of the trend.

Build on first-class technology

Our technology looks for meaningful patterns shared by companies with above-average returns. Thereby it follows our core principle of fundamental investing. Buy low, sell high.

What is value investing?
This is how GRAHAM defines good companies

Whether quantitative or qualitative parameters, we look for excellence at the highest level


Companies that are undervalued in terms of their market price.


Low leverage, good credit levels and high chances of survival in times of crisis.


The management of the company has an excellent track-record of steering companiest.


High growth potential. Business model is trendy or indispensable.


Calculable behavioral patterns, positive news-flow and optimistic future.


Chart shows opportunities for price increases.

Backed by forward-looking risk management

We believe that only an active risk management can assess risks from investments correctly, detect ludicrous valuations and react appropriately in difficult times. This is exactly the approach we use in order to exploit the maximum potential of your portfolio.

Active selection
With a targeted selection of investments, we aim to increase the expected return.

Optimal rebalancing
We automatically rebalance your portfolio to maintain the optimal allocation.

Management of downside
With short positions and the investment ratio we seek to protect your portfolio.

Look at the big picture
Continuous monitoring of macroeconomic development.

How we monitor risk

With help of technology, we aim to ensure that portfolios are resistant through sudden and severely stress events.

Modern hedging

We use short ETFs as a kind of insurance against negative events and to limit potential losses. Our techniques are based on technologies that are usually implemented by hedge funds.

Is this a hedge fund?
Invest in your future

Time and independence – Fundamental is the smartest thing you can do to improve on it.

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Let our results speak for themselves

Since 2015, some early investors have been able to invest with the help of the GRAHAM technology. During this time, we were not only able to put the strategy to a real-world test, but also showed, how active management can generate real added value to our investors.

Please note that historical performance is not an indicator of future performance.

The chart is based on a time series, which accuracy has been confirmed by an independent auditor.

Details on calculation

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