Shape the future

Shape the future

and profit from it

Influence by Smart Investing

An investment should not be made blindly, but with a clear goal in mind. We help you to invest your capital in leading companies. So that you can help us to make our lives a little bit better.

Shape together

Only the best companies should be worth investing in. These are companies that generate sustainable profits and drive our future. Real winners, that we identify for you.

Profit together

Through our activities we support companies all over the world. This is what creates progress. Together we make sure, that our money works exactly where it is most useful.

More transparent than ever before

We are not paid to sell certain funds or ETFs, and we are not tied to any third party. Invest directly and without intermediate interests. After all, it is your money and you deserve the certainty, that such a direct relationship with your portfolio exists.

Own research

We conduct our own research, as opposed to many fund advisors or asset managers.

Individual portfolios

Our findings are translated into our own portfolios. Completely without instructions of third parties.

Independent sales

Access to our strategies is only available through Fundamental. We are not bound to any sales targets.

How can we improve your financial freedom?

Time and independence – Fundamental is the smartest thing you can do to improve on it.

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Made for true investors

Anticipate, seize opportunities and always be one step ahead of others – this is how we define real investors. This is how we define Fundamental Capital.

Looking at the big picture

Successful investing requires time and immense know-how. Usually several weeks for a single investment. You have to read balance sheets, browse through news and of course identify the right quality indicators. As this path is often very time-consuming, many of today’s investors opt in for a much simpler solution. They prefer to follow entire markets instead of finding real winners. Therefore, often more than hundreds or even thousands of positions are integrated into their portfolios. Whether via funds or ETFs – witch such an approach, they are increasingly resembling an asset allocator rather than a real investor. The prevailing mentality seems to be a consensus of mediocrity, because average investment methods always produce only average results. No more and no less.

If an investor is looking for an independent and smart solution, he chooses an active strategy. A strategy that makes the effort to invest on basis of actual corporate performance and not on basis of an index membership. An active investor always looks at the big picture. He questions opinions, conventions and ideas, and decides independently whether an investment makes sense or not. In this way, he contributes to ensuring that his assets are used exactly where they are most useful. His actions allow him to get a position independent from the masses. In this sense, he paves the way for his own path.

„If you want to be successful on the market, you have to do things differently that the masses“
- John Templeton

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