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Fees are crucial for a successful investment. After all, they affect how much is left at the end of the day. Typical hedge funds charge up to 2% management fee and 20% on returns. Well, it’s time to change the status quo.

Our simple pricing
Management fee


Digitalization helps us to save a lot of costs. That’s why we don’t charge typical fund costs.

Performance fee


You only get charged, if you reach a new historical profit level (high-watermark) at the end of a quarter.

A lot for a little
Personalized portfolio

Get a technology-backed portfolio to a risk level you are comfortable with.

Active steering

Your portfolio is actively managed so that you and your money are prepared for all market phases.

Automatic reinvesting

Dividends and capital gains are automatically reinvested so that you can profit from compounding returns.

Professional hedging

We protect your portfolio in difficult times by using sophisticated hedging techniques.

Account costs

Don’t’ worry about account costs at our partner bank. That’s on our bill.

App access

Your personal advisor is always in your reach. Anytime. Anywhere.

Transparent transaction fees.

Markets are in constant motion. Sometimes you have to trade more in order react properly and sometimes only one transaction per month is enough. In order to ensure the flexibility of your account, we have decided to charge and disclose order fees separately. By this approach, the costs for your account are always optimally adapted to the current market situation.


per transaction

Transaction fees

Transaction fees apply for every buy or sell order. The calculation base is always the total amount used in the transaction. Minimum amount starts at 5€ per order. Maximum amount ends at 10€ per order.

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Your life situation may change. Your personal goals may change. But don't worry, our team will help you to plan important investments, answer questions about opening an account and of course provide ongoing support at every step of our common journey.

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Why do you charge a performance fee?

The use of a well thought out performance fee ensures a balanced win-win partnership between our investors and us. Both of us only benefit, if we generate a good return. Thus it provides us an incentive to build upon a fair partnership. Learn more

What is a high-watermark?

The high-watermark is the highest level of your portfolio within a certain period of time. Only when your portfolio surpasses this respective mark, we are eligible to charge a performance fee. Learn more

How are my fees calculated and when do they accrue?

The management fee of 1% is calculated on a pro rate basis over the entire year and is charged at the end of each month. The amount is determined by the average market value of the customers assets under management on valuation days. Learn more.

How much does Fundamental Capital charge?

We charge an annual management fee of 1% on the total amount of your account balance. This already includes the custody fee of our partner bank. Additionally, we charge a 12% performance fee on all profits above the high- watermark. Learn more

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