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It takes relentless curiosity to answer the endless questions of the global financial markets. What drives global returns? What determines our stock market behavior? And what is the possible underlying truth? Questions, that we try to answer with help of rigorous analysis.

Here at Fundamental, we believe in the power of collective intelligence. No matter from which direction it comes. Many of us have no traditional financial background and guess what – this is a good thing. It helps us to see things differently than the financial industry. It helps us to tackle things from a different perspective. What we are looking for is new insights and new solutions – not old wine in new bottles.

To achieve our vision, we promote a culture of innovation, openness and communication. We do that by applying the highest ethical and regulatory standards, and by bringing practical applications to various fields of data science. Our goal: Understand the world and generate value from it.


We look for strong, long-term and replicable returns. We look for chances and opportunities. Always under calculated risk. In our actions, we believe, that fortune favors the smart and bold.


We are not fans of structured products. They only generate unnecessary dependence, complexity and high costs. We believe in a profound and unbiased analysis. Independent of convention and opinion.


A good investor always knows why his money is invested. That’s our credo and that’s why we make it easy to follow actions in your portfolio. No matter where. No matter when.


Fields like big data or artificial intelligence drive us to develop new and replicable investment strategies. Therefore, every investment decision at Fundamental is based on a systematic approach.

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