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Fundamental Capital allows you to open an account within minutes – regardless of where you are. The only thing you need is a well-running internet connection. Annoying letter correspondence or unnecessary paperwork are now a thing of the past

Before you start, here are our requirements

You want to use a technology-backed and active asset manager, which invests with quantitative strategies.

You want to invest at least 50.000 euros and your financial situation matches with the goals of the strategy.

You are tax resident in Germany and have your first residence registered here as well.

You were not born in the USA and don’t fall under US tax law.

1. We check your risk-level

With the first step, we will check whether our strategies suit to your personal circumstances. For this purpose, we ask you about your experiences with the stock market, as well as about your financial and general life situation.

2. We get to know you

Afterwards, we ask you about some personal data to personalize our offering. This includes information like tax levels or marriage status. You will get a final summary of all relevant data.

3. We legitimate your identity

In our final step, we provide you with all contracts you need for the account opening. Take your time when reading through them. Afterwards you can sign them via our partner IDnow and at the same time legitimate yourself via webcam or app.

Open an account and start investing for your future

A contract, whether on paper or digital, stands for a long-term cooperation. Fundamental is the smartest thing you can do to build your legacy.

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How long does it take to start investing?

The account opening usually takes only a few minutes and helps us to understand your goals. After finishing the identification process, your funds are transferred within a couple of days to your investing account. From start to your first investment it usually takes only 3-5 days.
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What about offline?

As a digital asset manager, we focus on online customers to provide a modern investment solution to our world. However, we can understand that an investment sometimes requires a personal meeting. This is why we also offer on-site appointments.
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