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We have always been fascinated by the markets. Fast flow of information. Unlimited possibilities. And, of course, the quest for true financial freedom. A few years ago, we started looking for products, that matched our ideals. We wanted attractive opportunities to achieve above-average returns without taking uncontrolled risks. Simple, high-tech and service oriented products. That’s, what we looked for.

However, what we came across were financial products, that were simply not understandable due to their enormous complexity. Funds and ETFs were lacking transparency and felt more like off-the-shelf products for the masses. Worse still, we had the feeling, that the providers and asset managers offered us old wine in new bottles. We saw how millions of assets were still managed by hand or by guts and we saw real people, who were left disappointed because of false promises.

This was completely beyond our imagination. Modern investing should be anything but frustrating and complicated. We knew there was a better way. One that rethinks existing approaches. After all, investing is about a much bigger objective than just money. It’s about freedom. It’s about time. It’s about the future. That’s why we founded Fundamental.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model absolete.

R. Buckminster Fuller

Meet our experts

Our team combines profound technological expertise with decades of experience in the financial markets. Every day, experts from a wide variety of fields come together in order to achieve our main goal: Maximizing the potential of your money.


of employees in R&D

Research & development

Many traditional asset managers keep technology in the back-office or use it casually. Well, not us. Technology makes us who we are and we make sure, that it defines our future.

Our partner

We combine decades of experience with the drive to change the financial world as we know it. To achieve our goal, it is important to have a strong banking partner who shares our values. Baader Bank is regarded as a pioneer in the banking world by combining expertise and openness for the investment world of tomorrow.
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