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We Bring Technology to Asset Management

Our investment philosophy is based on a high-tech and strictly systematic approach. Fields such as big data or machine learning drive our imagination to develop new, strong and replicable investment strategies for our investors.

Our goal is to understand how the world works

Everything starts with an idea. With data. And countless tests. We collect huge data sets, analyze them and use our knowledge to decode the behavior of the markets.

We decide fast and systematically

Technology helps us to make rational and independent decisions. It makes sure, that we are completely detached from the herd behavior of the masses. We are much faster and more efficient than any human possible.

Our approach to markets
Invest data-driven

Data forms the basis of every decision. No vague guesses. No gut feeling.

Calculate risks efficiently

Active risk management is essential to build protection against losses.


Diversification does not mean to allocate at any price, but to do it wisely.

Provide liquidity

Each strategy provides for liquidity. This is how you get your money when you need it.

Predict precisely

Markets have a certain degree of predictability. Data helps us to understand it.

Keep improving

We believe that financial markets are constantly evolving. And so are our models.

Risk is our daily business

Active risk management can help to protect your assets from losses better than a purely passive approach. This is the reason, why risk is at the heart of all our activities. We monitor it closely. Every day.

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We strive for independence

Our approach is dedicated to science and not to classical financial theory. We look for a deep and independent analysis based on hard facts, solid economic figures and the latest scientific findings.

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Invest in your future

Time and independence – Fundamental is the smartest thing you can do to improve on it.

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Why quant investing?

In an increasingly connected world, every piece of information influences a company’s price. Every sale, headline or natural event. Whether we are talking about weather data, Twitter news or financial indicators, the volume of data created by humans is increasing inexhaustibly.
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Why do you invest actively?

We strongly believe that life rewards only those, who are active in their actions and not just watching. This is why we avoid using passive investment strategies at the core of our investment philosophy.
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Our understanding of risk

Most of us have already heard about the basic compromise between risk and return. If an investor wants more return from investment, he must be willing to take on more risk in his portfolio.
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Do I invest into a mutual fund?

While traditional mutual funds offer an accessible solution for the masses, they usually have a low level of flexibility and control at the customer level. We at Fundamental are not fans of plain vanilla solutions.
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